V2 Cigs America's Most Popular Electronic Cigarette

The Most Popular E-Cig in America: V2 Cigs!

V2 Cigs, congratulations! You’ve just been named America’s most popular electronic cigarette, and the list of other countries following suit is growing longer. It is a milestone in our history, not just in the corridors of the V2 Cig Company. Cheers should also go out to all the V2 Cigs supporters and customers along with their family and friends who have all pitched in to make this happen.

While 2011 is still a little less than 2 months to go, the performance of V2 Cigs has surpassed all expectation. Of course, it would not have happened if the company did not listen to its customers or worked hard to produce new flavors and new accessories. Even the delivery system and procedures for attending to customer concerns were all changed during the year. The service hours have been extended and the warehouse has better facilities. 

 To celebrate, V2 Cigs has launched two new flavors: the Cola and the Sahara. The company has also begun a search for the Fan of the Week who will get special gifts from the company. It’s truly been a rollercoaster ride from the moment V2 Cigs opened its doors and began selling the V2 Cig brand. Even the internet marketing of the company has led to V2 Cigs being lower in the Alexa ranking then ever before. This Alexa system is a website that ranks other e-cig websites according to popularity, traffic generated, and audience data. 

Popularity is based on low scores, not high scores. When 2011 started, V2 Cigs was at #4. It moved up one grade by March to #3, and #2 in June. It finally broke to #1 position in July when it dropped more than 8000 points and has managed to maintain its number 1 position up to today. That’s no easy feat considering the number of websites being promoted and new electronic cigarettes being launched regularly.

Compared to its closest competitor, V2 Cigs leads by a huge margin of over 6,000 points and enjoys an overall score of 2,284 points. Impressive for such a short period of time and V2 Cigs has you, its loyal supporters to thank.

In response, V2 Cigs plans a bigger and better product line-up come end of the year and into 2012. This is something definitely worth watching out for. V2 Cigs thanks everyone for their unwavering support and promises to give back as a sign of their gratefulness and goodwill. 


The Electronic Cigarette V2 Phenomenon

The electronic cigarette V2 has been the center of a lot of intrigue and excitement. Aside from a growing demand and popularity, the V2 e-cig really does an excellent job at a price everyone can afford. That, in a nutshell, is what all the brouhaha is all about. People just can’t believe that they can buy the electronic cigarette V2 at an affordable price.

The V2 brand has been in the e-cig industry almost from the start but it isn’t the kind that has stagnated. In fact, electronic cigarette V2 continues to improve and innovate which is why it remains the top most in-demand electronic cigarette in the world.

The V2 Features

One of the most interesting features of the electronic cigarette V2 is the fact that you easily customize your e-cig. The range of choices for starter kits and prices are commendable. People working with a tight budget don’t have to be turned off by steep price tags, while those who can afford the best will be surprised that they don’t have to pay so much to get an outstanding product. 

Second, you also get multiple choices in e-liquid flavors and nicotine strength. This makes every day you order your V2 refills, cartridges, and cartomizers exciting. You can go down the line on the different flavors and even concoct your own blends, if you want. 

Third is a reason for buying or switching to electronic cigarettes: your health and well-being. Imagine being able to successfully stop inhaling toxic smoke? Traditional tobacco cigarettes have been likened to the black smoke that comes out of a factory or a vehicle that badly needs overhauling. Why go through all that when you can get your nicotine fix with the electronic cigarette V2? Its solution is water-based with nothing more than 4 ingredients. These are liquid nicotine, water, flavoring, and the vaporizing element, PG or VG.

The fourth top feature for electronic cigarette V2 is its vapor production. The quality is tremendous and the intensity of the vapor product is crazy. You can’t find a reason to complain once you experience that cloud of vapor surrounding you. Best of all, it doesn’t stink like smoke so your clothes, skin, hair, and breathe will not smell foul, no matter how long you use the V2.

Other great features are the throat hit which grabs you right away and the overall look of the V2 brand. This isn’t something you would want to hide away. They look stylish and classy. It’s unbelievable that they are affordable with what you get in exchange. This is what “value for money” is really all about!

Compared to other brands, the electronic cigarette V2 is equal to quality brands but priced like affordable brands. It’s that perfect blend that’s so hard to resist. After all, why pay more when you don’t have to? They also have the option of lowering even more the price by using e-coupons. If you buy one of these and get the authorized code, you can enjoy as much as 30% off.

With so much going for the electronic cigarette V2, one should simply say, “Why the heck not? It’s a fantastic deal!”